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Companion Rescue


Start probing at the point where the lowest distance was displayed during the fine search. Ensure the probe is inserted perpendicular to the slope and at least as deep as the distance reading indicates.

If your first attempt doesn’t hit the victim, continue probing in a systematic pattern by gradually moving outward in a spiral or square pattern. Leave roughly 25 cm between each probe strike and keep going until you hit your target. Once you've made a probe strike, leave the probe in the snow to serve as a marker for the next phase of the companion rescue—shovelling.

Backcountry Learning

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Diagram shows correct method for probing Probe in a systematic pattern so you can keep track of where you've already probed. Leave roughly 25 cm between each attempt. A marker on the mapInsert the probe perpendicular (at 90°) to the slope and ensure that orientation is maintained throughout the probe search. A marker on the mapWhen you hit the buried person, leave your probe in the snow still touching them. This will ensure you don't lose their location when shovelling. A marker on the map
Backcountry Learning